Cinque Terre

TKR Single-phase electronic regulator series



  Product Description



Our company is specialized in producing industrial, commercial, household and other automatic AC voltage regulators. The products are luxurious in design and stable in performance. They are favored by European and American markets. The company has strong technical strength, excellent equipment, advanced testing methods and quality performance in the same category. The product is at the leading level.

PC (programmed computerized) series regulators are our company's first choice of US chips, using computerized digital programs to control the function of the whole machine, improving the shortcomings of the past analog voltage regulators, making the quality of products more reliable. More stable performance and more powerful features. PC (programmed computerized) series regulators are based on the company's production of JZW, TM, SVC, TSD series regulators for many years, extensive market research, and the wisdom and efforts of the vast number of technical personnel, through continuous reform And innovation, launched a low energy consumption, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over power protection, over temperature protection, leakage protection and other protection features integrated and selective delay, impact resistance, LEDdisplay, set A new luxury product with a new concept of energy saving and environmental protection.This series of regulated power supply is widely used and adaptable. It is an ideal choice for reliable work and safety protection of smart household appliances, industrial control equipment, various electronic instruments and meters! Its own consumption of small electrodes, can be used continuously for a long time.

Main features 

  •  Ultra-wide range input voltage

  •  Multiple on/off mode selection

  •  Standard output voltage

  •  Overvoltage protection

  •  Undervoltage protection

  •  Overload prompt

  •  Overload protection

  •  Over temperature protection

  •  Multi-select power control mode

  •  Buzzer status prompt, protection alarm prompt

  •  LED input voltage digital display

  •  LED output voltage digital display

  •  LED load usage percentage digital display

  •  LED status prompt display

  •  LED protection information display

  •  LED delay, timing, counting display

  •  Program control conversion 7 color bright type (monochrome font) LED display

  •  Multi-state alarm prompt