Cinque Terre

SCR Fully automatic household voltage regulator



  Product Description



Automatic AC relay type voltage stabilizer is composed of automatic coupling regulator, sampling control board, executing mechanism. It has the characteristics of small of in volume, light weight, little in distortion output wave from,quick in reaclin etc, It is especially suitable for household air conditiner, refrige rate,丁V setand music center . It also can leng their use span,and so is the idea-list AC, stabilizer for modern families.The product needs minimum power consumption and can be used continuously.

Main technical parameter 

  • Input voltage: 1 00V-250V/160 V-270V

  • It has precision 3 second/3 minutes time一delay function

  • Output voltage:AC220V/110V±8%

  • It has voer-load indication protection funcion

  • Quick starting