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SBW Automatic compensated power voltage stabillizer



  Product Description



SBW high-power voltage stabilizer is designed and manufactured with international advanced compensation technology. When the grid voltage fluctuates or the load current changes, it can automatically keep the programmed voltage stable to ensure the normal operation of the electrical equipment. Compared with other types of rental voltage stabilizers, it has large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, easy to use and maintain, reliable operation, and can still output at full capacity when the input voltage range is low. With over-voltage, over-current, start-up phase sequence and other protection.

Scope of application 

It is suilable for electric supply in small一sized plant, workshop and ,deparment inmiddle,large一sizde mining enterprise,it can be widely used in the precision machine tool, precision instrument, test device, elevator, imported electromechanical device, production flow-line in the mining en-erprise, oil field. railway, building site, school, hospital, hotel,scientificresearch department and so on, it is also suitable for the user in the LV electric network end with low power voltage and big wave range.